We help our clients solve big, icky problems—plain and simple. So when we talk about our project focus, it tends to be rather broad. One day we might be tackling a particular marketing problem for a non-profit organization. The next we might be leading a political campaign, launching a new digital media brand or helping a new venue or rental space achieve their strategy and vision in a thoughtful way. Projects tend not to fall in “one-size-fits-all” buckets. When that happens you need a partner who brings a whole lotta know-how in multiple disciplines to the table.

Startup culture is unique.
Just like you.

It takes a special sort of person to start a company and become a founder. (Some say it takes a special sort of crazy.) That immense excitement mixed with trepidation you feel every waking hour when you’re first getting started cannot be easily described unless you’ve actually done it.

That’s why having someone with startup and founder experience at the grassroots level can help. When you’re unsure of your footing and what to do next, or just want to be certain you’re not burning through cash too fast, or aligned with the right folks—that’s when having a trusted partner at your side can help save time, sanity and offer relief.


CAG Strategies Nonprofit Strategic Planning



Non-profit organizations are distinct business structures with special needs. When mission matters most, setting the organization’s strategy is key.

That’s why having a partner with extensive non-profit strategic planning experience is crucial. From determining the stakeholder pool to ironing out the data collection process and strategy sessions, a non-profit strategic planning advisor with extensive experience in business, finance, marketing, sales, project management and metrics tracking is the linchpin to a successful strategic planning process and outcome.

The Media Environment is Changing.
Be Ready.

Once upon a time, the media landscape was simple. Traditional media outlets and their products were king. But today, the media environment is rapidly changing. The barriers to entry are all but nonexistent. All it takes now is a clever idea or perspective, a phone, and an audience and platform that deem your content worthy and sharable.

Where things get trickier is figuring out a sustainable business model. Can those same content producers survive in this new digital world? Is there really an owned audience, brand and value, or does the platform reign supreme?

Having a business partner—who has extensive experience with both traditional and digital media, as well as financial modeling and brand launches, and what makes the entire intricate process work together—can be immensely beneficial.


CAG Strategies Nonprofit Strategic Planning



Political campaigns are no longer merely about the simple methods of yesteryear where handshakes and baby kissing meant automatic success at the polls. Now, they require more sophisticated models, tools and programs to quickly and easily activate tens to hundreds of thousands of voters…and even more potential voters in a given area.

Having an advisor who’s actually run a grassroots campaign and understands how to track voter outcomes can be the difference between a win and a loss. Having a successful local campaign starts with building a great team and volunteer base—the most important group of influencers to grow candidate awareness and positive outcomes for any race. Carefully tucked behind that is a well-constructed campaign strategy, voter model and tracking tools which guide ad placements, budget planning and fundraising.

Special Projects Require
Special Attention.

Sometimes the budding idea you’ve got brewing in your head doesn’t fit neatly into just one box—and perhaps, neither do you. The sort of help you need requires someone who comes to the table with a variety of skills to help make your special project entirely possible. Perhaps it’s evaluating whether or not your idea will work (or what tweaks need to be made), or maybe it’s helping you get the initial work done to get the project off the ground faster and easier.

Special projects require special attention and know-how. So if you’re looking for someone with entrepreneurial talent, financial acumen and an eye for good ideas when they see them—we can likely help. And, if we can’t, we’ll let you know to help get you pointed in the right direction.


CAG Strategies Nonprofit Strategic Planning



Not all events are created equal. Those with just the right touches, that strike all the right notes with the right audience—and accomplish their intended goals—those are the real shining stars.

If you’re looking for an exception network of professional event planners, vendors and the added bonus of impeccable event design and execution, you’ve come to the right place. Allow us to help you ensure your event accomplishes your business goals and meets your budget. With a finger on the pulse of all the latest trends in special events nationwide, your event can go from ordinary to extraordinary.

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